• Receiving Plan and Goods Receiving
    With advance notice of the expected receipts of products and the quantities from suppliers, clients, or other warehouses, the Rubix Warehouse Management System allows the team to plan in advance and manage expected deliveries.

  • Put away / Storing
    Precisely and quickly locate each pallet in the warehouse. Suggestion for a warehouse location during put away is done by system with respect to the rules for put away. Considering the goods velocity and shelf-life is also possible to customize to fit your business needs.

  • Inventory Control and Storage Management
    Periodically, you will need to do a physical count or cycle count of the stock level in storage. A count sheet (stock checking by zone or by item) can be used to record the counted quantities. After everything is counted, stock adjustments can be made to the software to correct discrepancies found during the count.

  • Shipment Preparation and Stock Reservation
    Shipment Preparation, Stock Reservation, Confirmation and Progress Monitoring can be done through the integrated information system.

  • Picking and Shipping Confirmation
    Picking Instruction provide workers with sufficient information on what SKU to pick at certain quantity and location. Picking and Shipping can be customized to meet your organization’s rules, such as, automated from Sales Order or Advance Shipping Notice.

  • Inventory Inquiry
    Track In-Out-Balance at ease. Know your inventory to the finest location defined in the system. Enable your customers to inquire through the proper secured channel into the inventory status of their products in the system, customers will be able to view the inventory level of their products in and out.

  • Work Progress, Order Cancel and Order Refresh
    Track status of particular order, cancel or rework at your will. Communicate and discuss work in progress issues and immediately respond to queries from your customers or boss!

  • Cost and Charges
    The system provide 6 types of build-in cost/charges calculation with the ability to customize to fit your requirements. Estimate price report for goods in warehouse at particular time also available for insurance premium calculation.

  • Flexible Master Data Setup
    Complete and highly flexible Product master setup, supporting any kind of goods in any form of packaging. Support multiple Warehouses and unlimited clients registration Support different in-out-inventory unit and up to 4 levels of packaging for each item, such as, Pallet ► Box ► Bag ► Piece

Operation Flow

Screens & Reports
     rubix provided 75 usable screens and 27 reports view with good user experience and usability.

Online Stock Checking
     Warehouse’s Managers or Product’s owners can check stock quantity as real‐time via website.

Access & Security
     Access anywhere with cloud environment with strong security by HTTPS and double authentication.